Villas near Marsala for Rent

Marsala was founded by the Phoenicians fleeing the distruction of Mothia in 397 BC, It is a town known mainly for its sweet dessert wines though it is also full of wonders. An evening stroll through its paved streets stretching from the duomo all the way down to the gateway through which Garibaldi led his men (and that bears his name today) will immerse you in its historic atmosphere, Mesmerizing beaches complete the picture, making Marsala a place well worth a prolonged visit. Here is a list of our villas for rent near this beautiful town.

  • Seven Islands

    Villa Seven Islands header

    Marsala-Mozia, West Sicily

    • Bedrooms5
    • Bathrooms7
    • Guests10
    • Min StayOne week
    • 370
    • Price 4,570€ per week
  • BDR House

    BDR House header

    Mazara del Vallo, West Sicily West Sicily

    • Bedrooms2
    • Bathrooms2
    • Guests4
    • Min Stay3 nights
    • 260
    • Price 500€ 3 nights
  • Casa Mozia

    Casa Mozia header

    Marsala-Mozia, West Sicily

    • Bedrooms2
    • Bathrooms1
    • Guests5
    • Min StayOne week
    • 90
    • Price 700€ per week