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How to choose where to rent a villa in Sicily? Let’s discover the most important places on the largest Mediterranean island, where you can get lost among centuries of history and hidden treasures.

Agrigento and Sciacca are the biggest towns on the southern coast of Sicily, the former is the magnificent city of the Valley of The Temples, and the latter is the perfect place where you can take a restoring thermal bath. Not far from Sciacca, there’s Selinunte, a wonderful seaside town known for its Archaeological Park, the biggest in Europe. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday, this is the right place to search for a luxury villa in Sicily. The towns of Trapani, Erice, Scopello, and Segesta, famous for its archaeological sites and the high concentration of ancient finds, are located in the north-west of the island, where there are some of the most beautiful sandy beaches on Sicily. Palermo, the capital, is situated on the north of the island. It is a city with so much to tell. It is noted for its culture, history and architecture. It is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Rent a villa in Sicily and discover all the hidden and incredible aspects of this Italy's region. Give yourself the chance to live the vacation you deserve, in a villa with a pool, in a charming countryside abode or in a luxury apartment and transport yourself to this wonderful island.

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The most important archaeological site of the Mediterranean.

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One of the most impressive coasts in Italy.

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“The most beautiful among mortal cities” Pindaro
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A sacred place dedicated to the goddess of love and fecundity.

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History, tradition and nature meet in this breathtaking scenery.

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Coming from Scopello, Castellammare is also the starting point of a twenty-minute drive to Segesta, one of the most moving archaeological sites in Sicily.

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“The city with the most beautiful setting in the world”
Oscar Wilde

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Sciacca looks out over the sea towards Africa, between the Belice and Platani river mouths and half way between the archaeological sites of Agrigento and Selinunte.

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The Greek Capital.

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All that Sicily has to offer in one enchanting town.

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A lovely destination, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

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An ancient soul and a modern spirit merge into one unique city.

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The capital of the Baroque style.

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The city where you can breathe the essence of Sicily.

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