Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Update

Last updated 05.10.2020 

The year 2020 has unfortunately started with bad news, Coronavirus has dominated the headlines since its initial outbreak in Wuhan, China, in January 2020 and since then, the virus has spread throughout the world becoming pandemic on 11th March (WHO).

After the first precautionary measures taken from 22 January, taking into account the particularly widespread nature of the epidemic, the Italian Government proclaimed a state of emergency and put into effect the first containment measures of the contagion on the entire national territory, putting Italy under lock-down until the 3rd of April, then postponed to the 3rd of May. In the last decree, Italian government reopened nearly all of businesses while maintaining security measures in some of them.

Furthermore, fom the 15th of June, all EU airports are active again also for non essential travels and the quarantine is no more mandatory when arriving in Italy.

We are following the situation closely to see what effects the measures taken have, and we recommend that you continue to check the travel advice updates issued by your government. The situation may change therefore the travel advices and governments’ restrictions may vary. 

We inform all non-residents coming to Sicily should register their presence on or via the SiciliaSiCura app.

As this situation often changes and evolves, please note that our terms and circumstances may be subject to change and we will update them if necessary.

We continue doing our best to handle the situation trying to satisfy both customers and villa owners, offering to travel on an alternative date and postponing the balance payment deadline to 4 weeks before departure instead of 8.

If you are planning to travel soon considering the exceptional circumstance we strongly recommend you first contact your insurance provider then contact us to find alternative options as soon as possible to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

  • What if I dece I don't want to travel?

    If no official governmental notices such as "do not travel" or "avoid all non essential travel" are in place at the time of your departure but you wish to cancel your holiday with us due to concerns about Coronavirus, unfortunately we will not be able to reschedule your booking and our normal cancellation policy will apply. Again, in this situation, we would recommend you first contact your travel insurance provider.

  • If I am unable to travel, am I entitled to compensation?

    Following all the most important international agencies in tourism industry, as the reason for the holiday not continuing is "force majeure" therefore outside the control of the Select Sicily Villas, we are unfortunately unable to issue a reimbursement.
    However, should the governments travel restrictions advices remain in place at four weeks before departure, we think to do our utmost offering you to move the booking to a later date or postpone it in 2021 (or rather we'll provide a voucher to be used within 12 months).  If you'd like to pass the booking on to friends or family we will be more than happy to change the name on the reservation.

We love our region and we are very happy to see that we slowly returned to work. From June onwards we had a unexpected summer season and we are also having a good end of season. We hope to come back to normality in 2021 with the possibility to travel to our amazing island and Italy as usual.

Please take into consideration our difficulties and great efforts to satisfy our clients.

We appreciate your understanding.